domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

A letter to Monday

Daniel Sokol
Dear Monday,

I hate you.

Monday; we used to be friends a long time ago, but in the past years you have severely crippled my life, Just so you know, I'm actually 31 at the moment and more than often i get asked how old my grandchildren are (this kinda freaks me out), for my entire life you've been a symbol of evil, an unstoppable force i have yet to conquer; i admire that, i admire you, you worthy adversary you...

Even though your awesome power of destruction and sadness leaves me awestruck, askew, asymmetric and… (some other cool sounding adjective that starts with "A") i have come to the conclusion that this must end, it can be no more, for my very existence is hanging on the balance of your saber of doom.

For years my kidneys, liver, brain and possibly my spleen, have begged, urged, pleaded, that we end you, Monday: I have tried… and oh how i've tried, remember back in 2006 when i tried to change your name to Friday? well we all know how that turned out; somehow being hungover on tuesday wasn't "socially acceptable" nonetheless we gave it a shot, let it be written that we did.

I also remember we switched you up with Wednesday so as to cause a crash in the naming of the weekdays and through chaos render it paralyzed,
this my friend and sworn enemy, did not work, apparently the world needs Wednesdays, i failed to think of 2x1 cinema tickets and the beloved "Wing Wednesday " in the heat of my anger, subsequent confusion and repent.

Pinned up against a wall of despair and sorrow we tried to erase thy completely from the universe, reducing the number of days of suffering from five to 4 thus ridding the earth of thy foul stench, but yet again we encountered a hinderance, one so large and reaking that the very thought of it would cause massive and widespread pandemonium: if we loose mondays; friday, that sacred, sacrosanct, beloved, cherished and every other adjective would be lost

So we came the conclusion, Monday; that we would have to learn to live with you, recognize you as the weekly doom, necessary but fatal, terrifying but essential, horrible but awe-inspiring, we; dear Monday, would have to live together in peace, and hate.

Dear monday,

I hate you.

Daniel Sokol

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